Quarter of a century old

Not that old, but older than yesterday.

Gone are those days of my easy life (O.A) . I just celebrated my 25 years being evicted from my mother’s womb. I won’t deny living in there is absolutely stress-free compared to my life now, adulting101 is so hard! Some things get harder and some easier; yes there are more RESPONSIBILITIES but on the brighter side, I’m now able to explore and do NEW things. Yay! 😂😱

My mind wanders (like it usually does), I know I must focus on my goal and that’s to do the best I can (on everything); life is tough we all know but it can get even tougher when you don’t enjoy.  I’m on track (fingers crossed) and taking each step seriously –but at my own pace and I don’t mind if I’m going slow as I know I can do everything. Persistence and prayers will do the magic.


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