Family Birthday Surprises…

Surprise! It got them like a pink fart, slowly spreading and intoxicating their senses.

Lo and behold! Balloons everywhere and happiness in the air! See part one and part two! 😉

Part 1

Birthday: August 12

A favor from her significant other, we pulled off and succeeded in this surprise. Just a piece of cake since my sister works during Saturdays. Weeks before her natal day, I got to plan smoothly, no rush on the timeline. Attacked every cakes and pastries shop I know and ended up on one of my favorites—Cukay’s. I know I can never go wrong on their cupcake’s quality since the day I bought and gobbled a piece of their heaven. Knowing my sister when it comes to food, she certainly won’t have any idea about me asking her what flavor of cake is the best: Red velvet or chocolate? She replied– RED VELVET.

Balloons, a dozen of red roses (as instructed) and random treats were bought on her birthday, thanks to my superman who’s been very supportive on this “project smile” 😉

It was around 6PM and we were all waiting for her arrival. As she headed upstairs and saw the surprise in our room, appreciation was heard; only meant that our mission was successfully accomplished!


Here’s some photos of my sister’s birthday surprise.

Part 2

Birthday: October 04

Mom’s 50th birthday.

She has no idea how many times her upcoming birthday had crossed my mind. I can tell she anticipates a celebration this year, or is it just me?, and yes I know every mother deserves this. I am not really good on communicating with my other siblings, it’s like i’m an alien because I  speak different language but for the sake of mommy’s milestone birthday, I messaged my 2 sibs and assigned everything that needs to be taken care of. Of course all three of us as one, and I haven’t thanked them yet for the cooperation, hahaha!

The ideas were familiar and mainstream but I was still nervous because I think she already sensed something weird that day, you know ‘mother’s instinct‘ hahaha. Calling via landline for the food deliveries, not once, not twice but for the nth time! and it’s really hard to mumble OTP. 😀 Went out but I was asked where am I going, and I answered with a cold shoulder “Jan lang”, which was I know, kinda rude from her point of view. Being outside was a relief, it gave me enough time to think well. Balloons were picked up, thanks to my superman again and the experience was great! Imagine, riding a motorcycle with bunch of balloons? Too much fun, isn’t it? So the balloons made their way up to the terrace from the garage gate and my brother hid them on our room first so mom would not notice it.

And mom thought the surprise ended with just the balloons and her fave foods on the table but we’re still waiting for our final surprise…… and Tita Ai made it, yey! With the cake plus custaroons! Way to go guys! Thank you sooo much!

I’m so happy, I know deep deep down in her heart that this was bestest of her best birthdays. Ever. BTW she also told us that before we threw ourselves on the table 😉

sayonara ♥


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