Boracay with girlfriends!

Watch: JamRieZot’s Boracay Escapade!

Boracay Island is one of the places everyone has in their bucket list, most probably if you live in the Philippines. Tell you what; this is my first Boracay vacation ever! I am really excited about everything that’s about to happen because I don’t get to have this kind of vacation after I graduated from college.

It’s kind of a gift; from me, to me! After all, I wanted this long time ago soooo, yehey!

Mooovin on! Counting down the days and I still really can’t decide how many sets of #OOTDs I should bring. Since it’s a 3D2N stay , I have included 3 swim wears , 3 shirts, 3 shorts, aqua shoes, flip-flops, my benassi, the caps, yes I love caps and ‘etc.’ ( you already know what those are *wink*)

Day 1: What’s up, Boracay?!

Flight is 9PM, September 22 and we arrived past 12AM, September 23 at the hotel (Boracay Holiday Resort)

The weather was not kind on our first day, but we still went out to buy something I should have not FORGOTTEN in the first place( and that’s a secret! Hahaha!)  Who’d have thought our first dip in the Island would be the flood? But it’s amazing that it went down quickly, so off we went, changed our clothes (#OOTD) and ate our lunch.

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  • Lunch at Boracay Toilet : Toilet you say?! Nobody wants to eat their meals at the loo! I didnt  Google any of Boracay’s restos so there’d be a bit of  tiny surprise for myself and yes, the ambiance was surprising, there are ‘vandals’ on the wall,  thought about the common public toilets we’ve seen on TV. Yea. Ew?! BUT!!!! wait until you see everything upstairs, remember NOT TO JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER. From the beautifully arranged toilet seat covers as wall deco,  toilet bowls meant for sitting (of course while you eat unless you want to sit on the floor?) , and many more that you can find inside your bathroom, your mind will be blown away by their restaurant’s creativity. Really sounds unpleasant, but their foods are real shit! — In a good way though 😉

  • Mt. Luho view deck: Entrance fee : PHP120, This is the highest peak in Boracay, it has a mini zoo and other activities offered. Nothing grand once you’re at the top except for the majestic beach and the wind blowing your hair.
  • Beach time We had a sand sculpture of  our combined names
  • Dinner at Kay Sarap Resto D Talipapa Boracay : The super “sulit” dinner. Foods were cooked not only fast but tasted a lot better than my own cooking. Btw, we bought our own seafoods at the market 😉 oishiiiiii~

Day 2: What to do?

Woke up early as our guide ate Ana, have scheduled our activities– Para-sailing and Flyfish, PHP 1650/pax

All of us struggled not to fall from the flyfish (piece of cake, haha), but the body pain was as great as the experience was! Hi to Zot who fell twice 😉

For our lunch, we headed to the island’s mall-D’ Mall.

We also had henna tats, for PHP 100 (depending on the design) with free retouch  and got our hair braided for PHP100 as well.

Everyone also agreed that by night time, we’d buy our matchy matchy shirts and pasalubongs 

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And before the day ended, as we waited for our dinner, Zot and I went for a quick window shopping, then poof! I got a sprained ankle! Thanks to the staff of the store who didn’t help us though. Thanks for securing the safety of every customer who’ll enter your store. I wonder how many customers got their ankles sprained on their doorstep? tsk tsk. No matter how careful you are, if it’s your fate, it is your fate, bwahahahahaha!!

 Boracay's souvenir

 Boracay's souvenir

Pain, pain go away. I’m not used to being restrained >.<

Day 3: See you again…

Let the waves hit your feet and the sands be your seat. And so we got up early in the morning (again) to enjoy the waves ONE LAST TIME! Dripping wet, we headed to Real coffee & tea and picked up our pre-ordered calamansi muffins then back to the hotel 😦

I was not ready to leave this paradise yet, #sepanx, yes?  I’ve been to beach vacays before, but this whole experience with them was liberating, fun and it brought calmness to me.

See you again Boracay!

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